Madras HC questions State on scope of online rummy, next hearing on August 28

Chief Justice of the Madras High Court SV Gangapurwala and PD Audikesavalu questioned the State’s claim that online rummy is a game of chance. The questioning happened during the latest hearing in relation to the online rummy bo firm’s petition on Friday, August 18.

Advocate General (AG) R Shunmugasundaram representing the State made submissions defending the law banning online games in Tamil Nadu. The AG also claimed that online rummy involves no skill to play and makes the youth addicted.

He further highlighted the suicide cases that occurred after people lost money playing online rummy. He further clarified to the Madras High Court that only the companies are the ones who make profits.

Additional Advocate General (AAG) Amit Anand Tiwari also made submissions on the matter. His submission claimed that a complete ban is the only way to reduce the harm from online rummy. He further stated that the companies use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology makes regulation impossible. He also cited foreign judgments regarding online rummy.

As per The New Indian Express, senior counsel Satish Parasaran representing the petitioners contested the submissions by the state, claiming that the state is trying to make the gaming companies look bad with their arguments.

Parasaran was however questioned on the business model of the companies and how they were making profit. He replied that the company charges 10-15% on each game played and is not involved in the game in any other way.

The counsel representing the gaming firms then asked further time to submit their arguments against the state. The HC adjourned the matter on the request of petitioners. Matter to be listed again on 21 August. rummy noble

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